A year on…

July 2, 2016 § 1 Comment

A year ago Gill, John, Carla and I posted our work in Deptford and Greenwich, with Gill experiencing her first urban posting with TEJ. It was soon after my Oxenham House exhibition in Deptford, and after I had given away the exhibition prints to the participants of the project, I was left with the print that was used to signpost people to the show in my flat. Our TEJ walk was the perfect opportunity to repurpose the print and hang it not far from the block where the project took place.


I didn’t expect the print to stay for long as images I had previously posted in that spot disappeared almost instantly (although in one case I’m sure I didn’t use strong enough adhesives – this time I used strong Velcro). But a year later, the image is still there, battered, bruised and covered with a layer of dirt and dust, and with a story of its own. As I walk past this spot frequently, I have been able to watch its movements. About two weeks after posting it, I found the image upside down. It remained in this position for weeks until one day I found it upside up again. This was repeated over some months. Someone was having fun with it – I was amused and eager to pop round to see what it was like that day.

a half year later

One day this spring, after it had been upside up for some time, I was sad to see that it had disappeared – no remnants on the black canvas, no sign of it on the floor, in or around the spot, nowhere to be found – but knowing this day was inevitably going to happen at some point I smiled thinking about the life it did have and closing the chapter in my head.

Two weeks later I walked past again, not giving the spot any attention but as I turned around from afar for one reason or another (I think it might have been to say Hello to someone I only recognised after walking past) I noticed the image was back again. I immediately returned and marvelled at the new texture of the print: bent, lots of dents, covered in a fine layer of dust and dirt, battered but returned safely from the abyss by a stranger.

a year later 02

I’m curious as to who is having fun with this image – is it one person is it two or more? Why are they engaging with it – did they remove it and return it? Did they find it blown away from the wind and having seen it hanging there before decided to return it? But I also enjoy not knowing who it is and why this is and just being able to speculate about it, asking questions without ever getting the answers and therefore playing with a multiplicity of answers. Perhaps an answer would be disappointing, and so I just keep walking past and watching what is happening. I’m always excited about what I might find.

a year later 03.JPG

Anita Strasser





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