Returning to Middlesbrough

August 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

In April I spent time in Middlesbrough on Britain’s east coast photographing and recording the city’s transition to a post-industrial landscape. The images that I made from the detour were posted here: Preparing Middlesbrough.

In late June I returned to Middlesbrough for an over-night stay to place the images within the city.

Middlesbrough placing_0003

Middlesbrough placing_0015

Middlesbrough placing_0021

Middlesbrough placing_0035

Middlesbrough placing_0041 Middlesbrough placing_0052

Middlesbrough placing_0066

Middlesbrough placing_0138

I could only make a brief review of the locations on the early morning of my departure the following day:

one image removed from a set of three

Middlesbrough placing_0118

one complete set of images removed

Middlesbrough placing_0116

There was an interesting postscript to my return visit. After detouring Middlesbrough to place my images I relaxed in the sun on the plaza beside the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. After a while I decided upon a walk through the Institute. On the first floor there was a small exhibition on the work and practice of the group known as Arte Util accompanied by an invitation to interested individuals and groups to consider how this space within the Institute might accommodate group discussions from which proposals might arise which would facilitate group practices of art creation.

I met one of the administrative staff and discussed the activities of The Elephant’s Journey and its documenting of its practice in such a context. I said that I would mail the link to this site plus some images that would illustrate our practice. I heard nothing for two weeks so left a phone message expressing continuing interest in a further meeting. Nothing arrived in return or reply… & then it did!


John Levett


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