The Elephant Returns

December 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Enthusiastic and gracious thanks to our responders Danny, Katharine & Steven who have relocated images that The Elephant’s Journey placed in the public sphere in Deptford, South London, on the last day of November.

The works that The Elephant’s Journey place in the public sphere may be freely taken and freely re-located in personal or public spaces. Danny, Katharine and Steven are our first correspondents since we decided to attach contact details to our interventions. One of our aims is to encourge and build-upon responses to the practice in which we are engaging. Another is to build a European-wide collaboration with like-minded art practitioners who choose to work in a collaborative, non-hierarchical mode of art production and distribution.

Anita Strasser has written of this practice:

For me Relational Art Practice is about finding alternatives to [the] neoliberal/capitalist mode of artistic production and to question conventional modes of curation. Rather than conforming to the seemingly arbitrary practices and conventions of art worlds we can be in control of our own practices and make decisions that do not compromise our work and beliefs. Art as a social and political practice in the urban environment as opposed to art being elevated to commodity status in a decontextualised space for a particular viewer. Instead we respond to urban spaces and document our practice in our own terms without needing to consider the demands of common conventions.

The Elephant’s Journey sets in place a space for considering, proposing and working towards potential futures.

John Levett

Our first contributors:

From Danny:

This image of an archway went in search of another, fancier, archway, and found itself on the side door of Caxton Hall in Westminster. Then, it spotted a rather fancy bit of circular public sculpture nearby and hung around on that for a while. After all, what is a circle but two archways stuck together?

Danny 04

Danny 03

Danny 02

Danny 01

From Katharine Moraz:

I got this picture from the string washing line in Deptford and was intrigued.

I took a trip to Berlin recently and in the picture I took here it shows the Berlin Cathedral in the background. Your picture is on Museum Island and is stuck onto a column of the Neues Museum.

Katherine Moraz

From Steven King:

Steven King


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